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Worshipful Jeffery Anderson-BurgosWelcome to the Brattleboro Masonic Lodge's website. Feel free to browse anywhere. If you have any events coming up in your lodge, please add them to our calendar.


Masonry is the world's oldest and largest fraternity for men. Although the details of Masonry's beginnings are lost, it is certain that in 1717 four lodges met in a London coffeehouse and formed the first Grand Lodge or association of lodges.


Masonry entered this country early in our history. Benjamin Franklin, an active Mason, printed the first Masonic book published in the United States. George Washington and other American leaders were active Masons.


Brattleboro Lodge is now allowing public usage of the lodge for gatherings, reception and other function needing a large gathering room and kitchen. For information regarding the use of the building, contact the steward at or call at (802) 254-4801.




Where Did We Come From?


Although the actual origins of Freemasonry are clouded in the mists of antiquity, it is widely agreed that Masonry dates back to the late fourteenth century and flourished during the middle ages when guilds of Operative Masons traveled throughout Europe building the great gothic cathedrals. Apprentices were taken in and taught the craft by Master Masons who passed on the secrets of the trade. As building declined, the guilds began to accept members who were not actually stone Masons. From these roots evolved Speculative Masonry, as we know it today.


Ritual, that is, the initiation of candidates conducted within each lodge has been the same work that's been done for hundreds and hundreds of years. Every Mason, on earth, has been led through the same traditions and instructed in the same mysteries and secrets of Freemasonry. But, make no mistake Freemasonry is not a secret organization. If it were, our buildings would not be easily identifiable and our members would not wear rings and other jewelry with the familiar square & compasses emblem.



Message From The East


2017 - 2018 Officers

April 27, 2017 - The 136th Installation of Elected and Appointed Officers for Masonic Year 2017-2018 was held at the Brattleboro Masonic Hall. Installing Master Worshipful Robert Baldauf and Installing Marshall Right Worshipful Steve Farrington.

BACK ROW: Bruce Jackson; Sr. Steward, Ron Hubbard; Jr. Steward, Ben Tuttle; Marshall, Howard Cosell; Digital Organist, Heath Kurra.

FRONT ROW: Jeffery Anderson-Burgos; Worshipful Master, Rob Baldauf; Senior Warden, Kris Johnston; Phil Bailey; Treasurer, Junior Warden, Edward Morse; Secretary, Austin Kenny; Senior Deacon and Mark Scherlin; Junior Deacon.


Not present were: Harral Hamilton; Chaplain and Seth Pichette; Tyler.

Bro. Benjamin Tyler Tuttle, 3rd Degree Master Mason

Mar 30, 2017 - Bro Ron Hubbard, receives his Master Masons Degree. 

FRONT ROW: Ed Wilson, Grand Master George Deblon, Ron Hubbard, Worshipful Master Jeffery Anderson-Burgos, District Deputy Grand Master Robert Baldauf.

SECOND ROW: Dennis Start, Dennis Wilson (Sponsor for Ron Hubbard), Kris Johnston, Phil Bailey, Mark Scherlin, Jon Hall, Austin Kenney, Ben Tuttle.

BACK ROW: Johann Nortz, Stephen Ingraham, Brent LaDeau, Harral Hamilton, Edward Morse, Seth Pichette, Bruce Jackson

Bro. Benjamin Tyler Tuttle, 3rd Degree Master Mason

Feb 2, 2017 - Bro Benjamin Tyler Tuttle, receives his Master Masons Degree.

BACK ROW: Bro Bruce Jackson (JS) and Bro Brent Ladeau (SW)

MIDDLE ROW: Bro Ed Morse (WPM) , Bro Kris Johnston (SD), Bro Mark Scherlin (SS), Bro Johann Nortz, DDPGM

FIRST ROW: Bro Steve Farrington DDPGM, Bro Robert Baldauf DDGM, Jeffery Anderson - Burgos, (WM), Bro Benjamin Tuttle; Candidate, Bro Austin Kenney (JD), Jon Hall (WPM)






Feb 1st 6:30pm Master Mason Degree Rehearsal
Feb 8th 6:30pm Master Mason Degree Rehearsal
Feb 15th 5:30pm
EA Degree followed by Regular Meeting
RSVP Bro Kristopher Johnston - (603) 715-7434
Feb 22nd 5:30pm
Master Mason Degree
RSVP Bro Kristopher Johnston - (603) 715-7434


Notable Masonic Anniversary's

Brothers Name Date Raised Years of Service
Bro. Richard Hamilton 02/05/1947 71
Bro. Michael Hebert 02/24/2001 17
Bro. Dwight Henry 02/05/1955 63
Bro. Douglas Hunt 02/03/1979 39
Bro. Bruce Jackson 02/25/2016 2
Bro. Gene Krisher 02/24/1955 63
Bro. Robert Lake 02/10/1972 46
Bro. Richard Lesure 02/19/1955 63
Bro. Donald May 02/23/1966 52
Bro. Bruce Mickle 02/23/1989 29
Bro. Ryan Muller 02/06/2014 4
Bro. Richard Paige 02/05/1987 31
Bro. Mark Scherlin 02/25/2016 2
Bro. Mark Stevens 02/02/1985 33
Bro. Benjamin Tuttle 02/02/2017 1
Bro. Lisle Burnham 02/19/1955 63
Bro. Craig Cantwell 02/24/2001 17
Bro. Gary Carrier 02/29/1964 54

Brattleboro Lodge

Brattleboro Lodge #102

Date of Charter

June 16, 1881 A.D., 5881 A.L.





Brethren, the gavel has sounded the Roll Call and a Brother has not answered.


 It is with great sadness we announce the passing of


Bro. Gary W. Younger, Wpm


Born on June 6, 1957


Entered on December 1, 1992

Passed on December 29, 1992
Raised on January 12, 1993


Entered the Celestial Lodge on January  28 2018


Entered the Celestial Lodge on December 16, 2017


 "May God Bless all our departed Lodge Brothers and may he watch over their families..."

"So Mote It Be!"

Well done, good and faithful servants!





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