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In ancient times the trestle board was used by the Master Workman (Architect) in order to draw his plans and designs upon. These plans would then be passed onto the workmen for an outline of the work to be performed.  In today's terms, we call them blueprint.


In some jurisdictions around the world it is called a tracing board.  It would be somewhat of a "circular logic" task to argue the difference, as, while neither can be fully proven (in historical writings), the "Tracing board" may very well have preceded (come before) the use of the word "Trestle board"  because lodges in Europe (which pre-date American lodges), use the word "Tracing Board".


Today, our Trestle Board is used to communication with our brothers in the lodge. It includes the upcoming calendar of events, a listing of the officers, the various committees and whatever news the Master feels is important to the members.



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